x. sleepless nights.

|| bitter oblivion.

*stefanee -
toronto, ontario, Canada
model mayhem
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1980's, 40 below summer, 80s rocker glam, a perfect circle, acid washed jeans, ambient, arch enemy, art, ballet, beauty, billy talent, biting, black nailpolish, boys, boys in makeup, broken hearts, caresses, chains, chino, chocolate, coloured stockings, concerts, courtney love, daisys, dance, dark personalities, death, deftones, demons, deodorant, directing, domination, dracula, dry cell, dry kill logic, dyed hair, earrings, fashion design, fetish, finger eleven, fishnets, flowers and candy, fluffy bunnies, freak, garbage, glitter, gore, goth-glam, graphic design, green eyes, hair, halloween, handwashed panties, heavy bass, heavy eyeliner, him, holding hands, hole, homemade clothes, ill nino, interview with the vampire, james black, jenna jamieson, johnny depp, kink, lacuna coil, laughter, lipstick, love under shadow, lust, make-up, moist tongues, mosh pits, most hollowed space, moulin rouge, music, nightwish, nirvana, painting, peterborough, peterborough ontario, photography, piercings, poetry, pop rocks, pornography, pumpkins, pyro, recarnation, romance, shattered glass, shattered responsibility, short skirts, singing, sneaker pimps, solitude, spikes, strapping young lad, summer, the distillers, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, the stars, the used, theatrics, vintage, wilted flowering, written works



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"tell me how do i feel.
tell me now, how do i feel..."

-flunk .blue monday